Thank You Merlin Mann

When you publish your own weblog there can be a ton of pressure to produce and please and give in to peer-pressure. Sometimes it’s real pressure, and sometimes it’s just perceived. Then, every once in a while, readers get to witness someone break free from the rut.

You know what I mean? You finally publish the post announcing your new understanding and resolve, and it’s chalked full of conviction, and every word is dripping with fresh life? I’ve written a couple of those posts, too.

What’s bizarre about renewed passion is that there is always the fear that when you hit Publish all your readers will leave. But what reader, their right mind, would stop reading right when you find fresh passion?

I’m at the same point of desired breakthrough again for my own writing, and I need to remind myself that this is when things get interesting, worthwhile and juicy.

When I first started this site it was for that very purpose: to write about what was important to me, Shawn Blanc. All my favorite posts were, like yours, letters to myself. And as I wrote about the things I loved, they got more attention than I thought they would, and I started liking the attention more than the publishing.

In the past year life has changed. Now, the things I am deeply involved with everyday have shifted from topics like awesome software and freelance designing, to issues of creativity, communication and leadership.

Now I feel stuck…

I am passionate about leadership and creativity, but I feel like I ought to write about software instead because that’s what I did well once.

Thank you Merlin, for reminding me to put energy behind what’s important to me. I love what you said:

This is my site. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

43 Folders is now, once again, about what I have to say about things, and I want that to be the sole reason that the idea of a visit here either attracts or repels you.

And also, welcome to the comment-free crowd.

— Shawn

Thank You Merlin Mann