I haven’t opened NetNewsWire for three weeks, but this morning I gave it a go and saw that my 70-ish feeds had accumulated over 1,500 unread items. I realize much of this may be old news for lots of you, here are a few things that popped out to me in the past 30 minutes as I’ve been skimming and un-bolding:

  • CNN lists the 100 best places to live and launch: Denver made it to the top 10 and Kansas City lands as 97.Let me tell you, if you got to pick between Denver and KC, pick Denver. Though a little known fact about KC is that it’s called the “City of Fountains”. We have the 2nd most fountains of any city in the world, just after Rome.

    (Via Sperte)

  • Photoshop Express: Adobe’s new web-based Photoshop-type application. I tinkered around with the test drive for a whole of 3 minutes and I was actually pretty impressed by how snappy and responsive the app was, and how smart it was. Though not that impressed, I’ll probably never use it again, but I just might recommend it to my friends. (Or is that what I’m doing right now?)
  • The new Get a Mac ads.
  • iTunes is now the #1 Music Reseller. This is not too surprising considering how easy it is to buy an album on iTunes. I wonder how many of iTunes sales are “impulse” sales versus pre-meditated. And I don’t remember the last time I bought a CD from Wal-Mart; I think I was in high school.
  • Icon Resource: A series of 15 high-definition videos by Sebastiaan de With explaining 2D icon design. (Via
  • WordPress 2.5: Update to the popular CMS and a new site design!