I’ve been a little quiet lately, and for those who were curious I thought I’d break internet silence and share a bit about what’s going on.

For one, work has been a bit slow and I’ve taking advantage of the lack of required time on the computer by slimming down the amount of voluntary time. It’s been great, to say the least. Not only have I not been writing online, I haven’t been reading online. I haven’t opened NNW in a week. (Lord knows how many unread articles will be in there when I do…) With my time, there are a few other things have been occupying my energies over the past ten days:

    1. My wife’s birthday: She turned 25 earlier this week.
    2. Our 3-year anniversary: It’s today, actually — though we have already celebrated by going to St. Louis last weekend.
    3. I’ve been shopping for our 2nd car: Phone calls, test-drives and research has been taking up a ton of my time but I finally found a keeper and drove it home this morning. Needless to say, with my new set of wheels I am ready for summer.

In other news, I’m about to head out to Orlando for a few days, so my silence will continue for the weekend. But I have a few articles on the burner, and I plan to get back to writing again soon.

  • Shawn