NetNewsWire is Now Free

One of my favorite Mac applications, NetNewsWire is now $29 off.

Greg says,

What we’re working to do is to saturate the market with our clients. Anyone who wants a rich experience for consuming content, or anyone who uses multiple computers or devices and wants a best-of-breed experience on each can now use our clients. Using a Mac at home, along with an iPhone? NetNewsWire and our iPhone reader will sync up. Have a PC at the office? FeedDemon will sync with your other two applications. And they’ll all sync with NewsGator Online. It all just works.

In my review of NNW and NNW Lite I stated that the free version of 3.1 was primed to be the best free news reader available. But now that the full version is free, it’s no contest.

Download 3.1 here.

Read my epic, pre-free-NNW review here.

NetNewsWire is Now Free