The Greg Storey Interview

Greg Storey, the man behind Airbag Industries, is a familiar name among tech savvy readers everywhere. He’s been doing work with websites, intranet and applictions for over 14 years. Wow.

His weblog, Airbag, is well designed, well written and highly engaging. It is a must read for anyone who thinks design, satire, politics and Ashley Simpson are all the rage.

Greg Storey's Weblog, Airbag Industries. It's awesome.

  • SHAWN BLANC: The design and layout of your site is unique and engaging. What went into it?
  • GREG STOREY: Keep in mind Airbag as a blog is six years old now and I started the site as a place to practice writing. Of course design was a part of the experience as that was/is my profession and default templates back then was a death-mark for anyone hoping to attract readers.The current design went live sometime in 2004 after months and months of working on a new composition that was different from the basic two or three column site with a mast and a footer. Back then it was something of a departure form the norm and I think it still holds it’s own despite the millions and millions of blogs out there today.

    I finally finished the first phase of design at 3AM in a hotel in Texas during Christmas holiday. I finished the design about a week later and had it published shortly afterwards.

  • SB: What does a good day on the job look like for you?
  • GS: One in which I only work eight hours. Most days I am checking in with my crew around 6AM and leaving the office around 6PM and then catching up on some work when I get home. I suppose a great day at work is when the team is firing on all cylinders and we’re getting things done at a the speed of sound.
  • SB: What programs do you use at Airbag Industries?
  • GS: Basecamp, Campfire, Blinksale, Coda, Transmit, xPad, Omnigraffle Pro, Super Duper, Cocktail, svnX, Remote Desktop, Parallels, iChat, Mail, Safari and various Adobe products.
  • SB: What Apple gear do you own?
  • GS: Airbag has a fleet of MacBook Pro’s and a Mac mini nestled in a co-lo.Personally I have 80GB iPod, 8GB iPhone, and a Shuffle somewhere in a desk. I think this MacBook I’m using to write this is my 30th+ Macintosh.
  • SB: If money was no object, but you could only purchase one new piece of equipment or software, what would you buy?
  • GS: One of the new 24″ iMac. I would put it on my desk and just stare at it.
The Greg Storey Interview