The Truth About Good Leaders

To be a good leader you have to do what nobody else is doing even though everyone else wants to. You have to blaze the trail.

That Moment – when you are sitting right on the edge of something daring and scary and creative and powerful and perhaps wonderful… and you blink and take a step back.

That’s the moment. The moment between you and remarkable. Most people blink. Most people get stuck.

All the hard work and preparation and daring and luck is nothing compared with the ability to not blink.

– Seth Godin

Having the ability to make choices and follow through is what seperates the men from the boys. Those following are only trying to do what the someone else already did because they didn’t have the self-discipline to make it happen on their own.

Once you’ve blazed that trail you have to make a way for others.

The best leaders serve those who are watching. They do what’s best for everyone around. They’re servants.

The Truth About Good Leaders