Still Sweating the Details

There is a wonderful tribute video to Steve Jobs on the Apple homepage today (I love that they included his prank Starbucks call from the 2007 iPhone introduction).

As Tim Cook writes in the post-video message: “One of the greatest gifts Steve gave to the world is Apple.” Yes. Just as many others have said and written, Steve Jobs’ greatest product was not a piece of hardware or software, it was a company: Apple itself.

It has now been a year since Jobs passed away. Apple continues to design incredible products, and they continue to make money hand over fist selling those products. By that standard alone it would be fair to say Apple is still at the height of their game and still going strong. But is that the primary way Apple measures its success? I don’t think so.

Apple’s primary measurement of success is something less tangible and quantifiable than numbers. Are they still pushing the bar forward? Are they still finding ways to make their best products even better? Are they still doing work they’re proud of? Are they still sweating the details? Yes. Yes they are.