A Week-Long, In-Depth Look at How Writing This Site Full-Time is Going

It has been nearly two months since I began writing shawnblanc.net full-time, and it has been wonderful. I love this gig.

By far and away the most frequently asked question I’ve been getting is: How’s it going?

And so I am going to take this week and answer that question in great detail.

But to start it all off, I wanted to first say thank you. I would not be writing this if it were not for the support from all of you guys — the members, the weekly sponsors, the readers.

Those of you who have signed up as subscribing members are providing a critical income stream which has actually allowed me to publish this site full time.

To all the fantastic developers, companies, and other fine folks who sponsor the RSS feed or advertise on Fusion, thank you.

And really, to everyone — all of you nerds who continue to show up day after day — thanks.