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– [A membership](/members/join/?level=1) to costs $5/month and is this site’s premier source of income. I have been writing here full-time since the spring of 2011 thanks to the generous and awesome support of readers just like you.

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The subscription is $5 a month and is billed in three-month increments to save me some money on transaction fees. So technically the subscription is $15 every three months. The Executive Membership, however, is billed monthly.

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Why the switch to Stripe? Using Stripe allows for several advantages, including: (a) more reliable billing (many members’ subscriptions have been suspended for no reason, other than a bug in PayPal), (b) easier way to find and access Shawn Today, along with overall better integration with the content on, and (c) easier membership management for me.

You have two options:

1. You can keep your current PayPal membership subscription active and continue enjoying the membership benefits as you have. Nothing will change for those who stay with PayPal.
2. Or you can move to the new Stripe system and cancel your PayPal subscription.

To move to the new Stripe system, you will have to migrate yourself. I wish I could port your membership for you, and I apologize for asking you take this extra step. But I think it’s worth it.

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Sign up for the new Stripe-based membership [here](/members/).
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Additional Information About Those Fine, Members-Only Benefits

As a subscribing member you are directly supporting me and enabling me to write full-time on Your subscription helps cover the hard and soft costs associated with this site. This is, and always will be, the primary benefit of being a member.

There are, of course, a few additional perks to being a paid subscribing member:

– **Shawn Today**: A short, daily broadcast just to the members of It’s fun, short, raw, and behind-the-scenes-ish.

On *Shawn Today* I talk about things such as: what I’m working on that day, what coffee is being brewed, what news has interested me, and, most importantly, what ideas are churning in my mind. A lot of this stuff is the early stages of what ends up being written on, or the commentary for what has already been written. If were a movie, *Shawn Today* would be disc 2 that contained “The Making Of” and “The Director’s Commentary”.

Additionally, on Shawn Today I also take the time to answer questions sent in by members. These questions can be about Macs, productivity, design, or coffee. And they can range from troubleshooting tips, suggestions for software needs, feedback on business model ideas, or critiques for designs.

– **The Members Journal**: An email newsletter sent out on occasion with links to interesting things, giveaways, and/or member-related news. It’s intentionally lightweight and sent out occasionally.

– **Coffee Methods:** A section of the site filled with recipes, gear recommendations, and videos for the express purpose of brewing and enjoying of coffee.

### Possibly Asked Questions ###

#### Why should I subscribe?

– Because you enjoy the content, quality, and style unique to
– Because you’ve found value here and you’d like to see this site continue and grow.
– Because you believe in supporting independent writers and creators.

#### What if I don’t subscribe?

All the written content on and the RSS feed will continue to be free for everyone. This is the way it should be. If you cannot subscribe then that is fine. Your time and attention is greatly appreciated, and I am glad to have you as a reader. Thank you.

#### What about the advertising you already have on this site?

The Fusion ads and the RSS Sponsorships cover all the hard costs of this website, plus some. However, they generate only about half of the income I need to fully support the writing I do here. The other half is via memberships — which is why I need the support of you, the reader.

#### Support

If you have any questions or problems with the subscription process, please email

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Again, if the value and enjoyment you get from is worth $4 a month then I would love to have your support as a subscribing member. Thank you.

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