You want to level-up your workflows and tools

Nice. While I’m not entirely sure what “leveling-up your workflows and tools” means, I do know that geeking out over the best apps and workflows is my favorite pastime.

Thanks for letting me know about your interest in improving your workflows and finding better tools. Your feedback will help me know what to focus on with my writing and any new projects that I start.

Long-time readers will know that writing about Mac nerdery is how I cut my teeth on this website. After doing a bunch of super-long-form app reviews, I started interviewing other folks to ask about what their Mac setups were. And then I turned that interview series into an entire website devoted to finding and reviewing the very best apps.

The tools and the workflows we use, like everything else, need maintenance. It’s more than just having fun checking out the latest and greatest. It’s also about using the best tools available to us, and getting mastery over them. It’s about breaking our broken workflow habits, and finding the routines and workflows that work best for us.

All that to say, I would love to share more frequently about the apps, gadgets, and approaches I use to get the job done. (If your on The Fight Spot newsletter list, then you already get my Fantastic Friday email, which is all about

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As a thank-you for your feedback, here are a couple of resources I think you’ll love:

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