Iteration for the win

No: “Where is the one thing that will fix all my problems for me right now?”

Yes: “Will this thing give me one new, good idea I can use right now?”

Invest in things that will help you fix a small problem so you can get a little bit better at what you do. Find one good idea and actually implement it. Then repeat.

Iteration for the win

You’ve no-doubt heard of the Law of the Vital Few. It’s the 80/20 rule, which states that roughly 80-percent of the results come about from just 20-percent of the energy.

But, if you were to take your 80-percent results and apply the 80/20 rule to them a few more times, what you end up discovering is that your initial 1-percent of energy spent brings about the first 50-percent of results. (Illustrated here.)

Gary Keller writes that “success is about doing the right thing, not about doing everything right.” You can’t just do anything and get disproportionate results. You have to do the right thing. That critical action that drives a disproportionate result.

What’s the Minimum Effective Dose?

Things that will destroy your goals

In order to accomplish your goals you need: (1) a clear goal; (2) a winning action plan; and (3) consistency.

Take away or invert any of those things, and you’ve eliminated the possibility of succeeding at your desired outcome. Here’s what they look like when inverted: (1) unclear direction; (2) random acts of productivity / busywork; (3) distracted / trying something new but moving on quickly.

Things that will destroy your goals

Anne-Laure Le Cunff: “*Double loop learning is a model that encourages people and organisations to continuously challenge their assumptions and goals instead of blindly repeating the same loop. While the idea seems simple, it can be hard to implement double loop learning because of a natural need for control, a fear of failure, or an overall resistance to change.”*

Growth Loops: From linear growth to circular growth

Maykel Loomans took a year off: “The biggest lesson for me among all this was—and this may sound ‘woo-woo’: seeing a structured day, a quiet cup of coffee, or a workout not as a task but as something to relish. There are these things in our lives that we know we ‘should’ do, but if we don’t find a way to appreciate them truly, it will forever be a struggle to integrate them.”

Reflecting on a Year Off

If you’re stuck overthinking something, remember that very few decisions are truly binary, black and white, guaranteed wins or losses. Make the best decision you can within a reasonable timeframe but don’t waste time sweating it out, overthinking, and waiting until you have absolute perfect clarity.

All decisions are bets

Don’t make the same decision twice

In your business, try to avoid making the same decisions over and over. This wastes time and energy and slows momentum.

  • An ad-hoc meeting agenda for your regular weekly meetings (instead of a consistent flow and structure)
  • A random, emotionally-driven pricing decision each time around for seasonal products that you launch every year.
  • Wondering what to do at the start of your work day (instead of having clear time blocks and a plan for your critical actions)

Put structure and clarity in place around the things that you repeat. This way, you can be creative on the things that are new and fluid.

Don’t make the same decision twice

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