A Time Management Myth

Myth: “Taking the time to schedule my time is a waste of time — the schedule never works out perfectly anyway”

This common myth is tricky because there is some truth mixed in with it.

While it’s true that a schedule never works out perfectly (nobody’s does — the mess of real life always plays a factor).


  • With a schedule you’ve got a plan for when you’re going to do work that matters. This means you’re FAR MORE LIKELY to do the most important work in your day.
  • With a schedule you can budget the time you need for other important activities ( family, exercise, rest). And these are HUGE contributors to your overall health and baseline level of happiness.

It’s okay if your schedule doesn’t work out perfectly. In fact, that’s normal. Your schedule is just a blueprint for how you’re hoping to spend your day. It keeps you moving forward and helps you stay proactive instead of reactive with your time. When things come up, take longer or shorter, etc. that’s fine. Just roll with it.

A Time Management Myth