“Zero Time Habits”

A Zero Time Habit is a new term I’ve been noodling on. In a nut, a Zero Time Habit is a lifestyle practice that takes ZERO time to do and, in return, it gives you back more time / energy.

Many habits require time to complete — such as your workout routine, reading, journaling, scheduling your week and your day, etc. But some habits require no time at all.

Examples of Zero Time habits:

  • Not drinking alcohol — this takes no additional time from your day, and it improves your sleep and mental focus.
  • Living within a financial budget — once you’ve created your budget, it takes no additional time to live within it, and it improves your finances.
  • Going to bed on time — this gives you back time and energy in the mornings and throughout your day.
  • Keeping your smartphone in a different room — this gives you back undistracted time and focus for doing your most important work in the office or even for spending time with family.

Think of a Zero Time Habit as something you don’t do so that you can do more of what you want.

“Zero Time Habits”