How to Build Your Idea Muscle

If you spent 5 minutes every day doing pushups, would your arms get stronger?

What if you did that every day for a year? You would become a pushup machine! You’d be totally unintimidated to do pushups anytime, anywhere.

On the bus and your friend dares you to do a pushup — you’ve got this. At the office and you lose a bet to a co-worker — show them who’s boss and bust out your pushups.

Let’s suppose that in your life, there was a situation every day where you’d need to do some pushups. Wouldn’t it make your life so much easier if you were regularly practicing pushups so that when the time came, you’d be able to crush those pushups and show everyone your awesomeness?

Well, the same goes for ideas.

The benefits of having a functional idea muscle means you can be an idea machine.

Do you run a business? Are you a mom or a dad? Do you write? Do you design things? Do you make stuff? Do you have a challenge or a problem in your life that you’re trying to fix?

Each of your roles in life can benefit from your ability to come up with ideas. And, when you get good at coming up with ideas, it builds confidence and makes problems far less intimidating.

One simple way to build your idea muscle is to spend 5-10 minutes writing down ideas. Just writing and getting things out of your head. You don’t even have to DO anything with those ideas. The act of writing them is enough to un-clutter your mind *and* build your idea muscle at the same time.

How to Build Your Idea Muscle