Here are 10 tips to help you stop procrastinating that thing

  1. Set a short timer
  2. Ask someone to help you
  3. Get a focus buddy for accountability
  4. Only do one thing at a time
  5. Time block your tasks
  6. Go on a short walk and think about what you’ll do when you get back
  7. Ask someone else to do it (delegate)
  8. Answer “why” 3 times
  9. Don’t be perfect; focus on good enough
  10. Leave your phone in a different room

Which number is most helpful for you?

For me, I lean on 2, 5, and 9 the most: I work more efficiently when I am collaborating with someone else; time blocking my day helps me stay on track; and I’m a chronic over-thinker who has to be reminded to stop overthinking things.

10 Tips to Help You Stop Procrastinating