Hello, Sabbatical Week!

As you may know, here at Blanc Media we work in 8-week cycles.

But, for this current work cycle we did something new to us.

We staggered our sabbatical week.

Why? Well, I just opened the doors for the all-new Focus Accelerator membership (you can join here). And everyone who joins gets a free strategy call with us to help get personalized support right off the bat.

In order to accommodate the calls, Joanna and Chloe just took their sabbatical week while Isaac and I did all the calls. And next week, Isaac and I will take our sabbatical while Joanna and Chloe do the calls.

(Side note, tor my sabbatical, I’m taking my family to Colorado. If you want to see some pictures of the Rocky Mountains, follow me on Instagram.)

Hello, Sabbatical Week!