“Alex & Books” on Twitter:

The point of reading is not to memorize every word… It’s to introduce yourself to new ideas, new information, and new ways of thinking.

In this exploding information economy of personal knowledge management and building your second brain, it can seem stressful (if not wasteful) if you’re not taking 100% advantage of every little sliver of information and inspiration that you come across.

But that doesn’t have to be the goal all the time. In fact, that cannot be the goal.

Sometimes it’s good enough to simply be introduced to a new idea or a new way of thinking.

That’s why I buy WAY more books that In read. And I will continue to do so.

Here are my four rules of book buying:

  • Don’t be a wimp about it.
  • Don’t stress about reading them cover to cover.
  • Make notes and mark up the margins.
  • Share what you learn.
On The Point of Reading