Speaking of the WWDC Keynote, yesterday the TSS team and I hosted a live webinar to share our initial Keynote reactions with the TSS community.

Mike, Josh, Rose, and I discussed our overall thoughts and impressions from the Keynote as well as which new features of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS we are most excited about — including some features that didn’t get airtime during the keynote but that are pretty fantastic.

TSS Webinar Replay: Our WWDC 2020 Keynote Reactions

Mike Schmitz put together a fantastic summary for The Sweet Setup, covering all the highlights from Apple’s keynote yesterday.

I thought this was one of the most polished and entertaining Apple keynote events of the past decade. Obviously there are some advantages to having a pre-recorded broadcast rather than doing a live event. But Apple’s production team did an excellent job with making it feel authentic, whimsical, and intentional. And that’s just the production

The announcements around iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and more were all huge.

As a long-time Apple nerd, it is encouraging to see Apple’s software continue to mature and expand in both useful and whimsical ways. And, as someone who uses an iPad for the vast majority of just about everything I do, these next iterations of refinements and features to iPadOS just keep moving things forward for power users.

Everything You Need to Know from Apple’s WWDC 2020 Keynote Presentation

Update: You can read our Keynote Summary here and watch the replay of our reaction webstream event here.

WWDC 2020 is in a few days, and it’s fixing to be a doozy.

Will Apple be announcing new iMacs? What updates will there be to iPadOS now that it’s been a full year? What one more thing might there be?

Apple’s main keynote presentation will be broadcast live at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern.

After the main keynote is over, me and the TSS crew will be hosting a live, WWDC Reactions webstream for anyone to join in and watch.

We’ll be talking through the announcements from Apple, what things are exciting to us, and what it might mean for us all. There will also be a live chat room so you can interact, share, and ask questions if you’d like.

Join TSS for our WWDC 2020 Keynote Reactions

Checking Out the Fuji X100V

“Sometimes the truth of a thing is not so much in the think of it, as in the feel of it.” — Stanley Kubrick

I rented a Fuji x100V for the next couple of weeks. And it arrived yesterday. I am wanting to shoot with it and compre it to my Leica Q that I’ve been shooting with for the past two years.

I’ve been super interested in the new X100V since it came out a few months ago. I’ve been waiting for some of my favorite photographers to write about it (and even compare it to the Q), but so far nobody’s really dug in. So I thought I’d rent one and see for myself.

If you were to compare the two cameras on paper, the Leica might seem to have some obvious advantages. The Leica is full frame versus the Fuji’s APS-C sensor. The Leica has a faster lens: f/1.7 versus f/2.0. The Leica is, well, a “Leica”.

Though, the Fuji has some pretty great advantages as well. It has USB-C, in-camera charging. It has weather sealing. It’s smaller, lighter, and 1/3 the price. It has some pretty great in-camera coloring to dissolve your post-processing workflow and let you just shoot.

Both of these cameras are great and capable of producing great photos. My aim isn’t to see which one is better. I simply wanted to try out the new X100V to see how it feels to use, and compare it to the Q in that regard. Again, it’s not in the think of a thing… but in the feel of it.

(Also, let’s be honest: I wanted to try out a different camera for the fun of it.)

Checking Out the Fuji X100V