A few days ago my friends at Studio Neat released a brand new notebook: The Totebook. And it’s fantastic.

The Totebook is about the size of an iPad mini. It has a soft cover (more on that in a second). And it’s dot grid (the only possible option).

As far as soft cover, iPad mini-sized notebooks go, the Totebook is the nicest one I have ever used. The whole thing just oozes quality unlike any softcover notebook I’ve seen.

And the cover. I don’t know what they did or how they made it. But the cover is awesome. It feels like leather. But it’s not leather. But what is it?

Now, I have to say that for me, personally, I’m not sure the Totebook will find a way into my daily carry. I’m a one notebook kind of guy, and that notebook for me is the jumbo-sized Baron Fig. But there are some very cool tricks in the Totebook that I sure wish the Baron Fig folks would borrow — such as internal page guides.

Despite it’s awesomeness, the Totebook is cheap! Just 2 for $20. And for further reading, you can, naturally, check out Brad Dowdy’s more in-depth review.

The Studio Neat Totebook