Just a friendly reminder our spring registration period for The Focus Course is currently open for just a few more hours…


The Focus Course is a proven system that will help you:

  • Get control of your schedule.
  • Free up precious hours in your day.
  • Stop living in a constant state of overwhelm.
  • Keep the important things from falling through the cracks.
  • Get better at dealing with distractions and diversions so you can be present in the moment or focus on the task at hand.
  • Spend more time on what matters while delegating or eliminating the things that aren’t worth your time.

How long have you been trying to gain traction on your projects? How many hours of your day are you spending on things that truly matter? Are your relationships strained because of work or side projects? When was the last time you had the chance to truly rest and recharge?

The Focus Course walks you through all of that.

I’ve actually heard from a handful of long-time readers who’ve been following along from the outskirts with the Focus Course, but they said that life is at a point where they are finally ready to sign up and dive in.

If you’ve been thinking about the Focus Course, now is your chance to get access. But you will need to hurry, because I am closing the doors later tonight.

Here’s the link to the course page where you can then sign up to get instant access:


Last Call: Focus Course Spring Registration Closes Today