This is a short video showing a day in the life of Chef Nozomu Abe, who owns and operates Sushi Noz in New York.

It is so fascinating and educational to watch and learn the small habits, routines, mindsets, and idiosyncrasies of people who are masters at their craft.

I love that when he puts on his chef’s apron his whole mindset shifts from preparing the food to now putting on a presentation and hosting his dinner guests.

And I love how every single detail within the whole restaurant is considered.

And I love how he starts with the goal of having an excellent dining experience for his guests and then develops the constraints based on that goal. Such as the fact that they only serve dinner to 16 total people in an evening: only 8 people at a time, with only 2 dinner seatings per evening. An entire day’s worth of hard work with a team, all to serve dinner to 16 people. Depth over breadth…

What do a blog and a sushi restaurant have in common? Not much. But I love seeing how masters like Chef Nozomu approache their work. It gives me inspiration for ways I can improve and grow in the creative work I do and the websites that I run.

This video brings to mind a quote from George Leonard’s book, Mastery

“Consistency of practice is the mark of the master.”

A Day In The Life of Chef Nozomu Abe, Sushi Master