I’ve heard from several folks recently who had been planning to sign up for the Focus Course at the New Year but didn’t realize that we are currently not offering access to the Course.

(That’s because this past fall I changed course registration from being open enrollment to only being available twice per year. More on the reasons for that another time.)

So, if you want to jump in and get access to the Focus Course, I wanted to open up registration for a brief, 24-hour window.

Here are a few testimonies we’ve received from alumni:

  • “Without any hyperbole, I can honestly say that taking the Focus Course has been life changing.” — Ross K.
  • “The Focus Course is one of the best investments I have made so far.” Andrey S.
  • “I couldn’t be happier with the results it produced in my life.” — John V.
  • “The course has completely changed my life.” — Phong C.
  • “My husband, Ben, and I absolutely loved it!” — Havilah C.
  • “The Focus Course has been an awesome experience.” — Kate W.
  • “I have the tools to continue working toward achieving the focus I want in every part of my life.” — Ben B.
  • “It helped me define what was important and why — and how to execute on those things.” — Andrew C.
  • “The course is so practical and stimulating. It has bled into almost every area of my life.” — Sara P.

If those testimonies sound like the same sort of kick-start you want as 2018 begins, then you can get access to the Focus Course today.

PSA: Focus Course Registration Open for 24-Hours