If you happened to unwrap a new iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch recently, then over on The Sweet Setup we’ve put together a list of a few apps you may want to check out.

It’s interesting — we’ve been putting these lists together for several years. And it used to be written for the “new-to-iOS” crowd: people who were getting their very first iDevice at Christmas. But now, the list is written a bit more toward folks who are looking for some new apps they may not of heard about. Though I’m sure there are still quite a few people who got their first Apple Watch and/or iPad this year.

For more app picks, check out this article I wrote last week of my favorite apps of 2017. There are some fun games listed there at the end. And, of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t highly recommend both Day One and Ulysses — even if you didn’t get a new iOS Device.

Moreover, check out the Popular page on The Sweet Setup, where there’s a list of the most popular app picks on our site as voted on by readers.

Some Apps for New iOS devices