Fantastic Friday: AMA, Card Games, and More

As I write this, the snow is coming down heavy in Kansas City and there’s a hot cup of coffee on my desk.

In just a few days, my hometown football team, the Broncos, will be playing the Patriots in Denver for the AFC Championship. It’s surely Manning’s last season in Denver (and probably his last season in the NFL entirely) — it would be great to see him get a ring while wearing the orange and blue.

This week’s Fantastic Friday is a bit different than normal. Less links, but I think you’ll enjoy.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope you have an excellent weekend.

— Shawn

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Ask Me Anything

Next month I’ll be writing about tools and workflows. It’s going to be super fun and nerdy. Some of the stuff we’ll cover includes a rundown of my favorite iOS and Mac apps, my writing routine and the tools I use, time and task management, how to perform a workflow audit, and more.

If you’ve got a workflow question, or an idea for something you’d like me to discuss, please let me know.

You can email me, or ask me a workflow question on Twitter.

Control: A Simple, Strategic Card Game →

I just backed this game on Kickstarter. It looks simple yet fun. Because sometimes you want to play a game that’s not going to be an several-hour-long process.

Tweetbot Tip: Set a Twitter List as Your Main Timeline

Tweetbot is, by far and away, the best Twitter app out there.

Something in particular that I love about it is that you can create a list and then set that list as your main timeline. If you follow several hundred people, but you don’t want to keep up with everyone all the time, you can create a list with just a few dozen people and then set that list as your main timeline.

I think the easiest way to create a new Twitter list and populate it is via the Twitter website itself. Here’s how you do that:

  1. Open up Twitter
  2. Over in the top-left area where your profile box is, click on the number for how many people you are following. This gives you a list of everyone that you follow.
  3. Scroll through who you’re following, and for each person you want to add to your new list click on the gear icon
  4. Then click “Add or remove from list…”
  5. And then check the box next to the list you want to add them to (or create a list if you haven’t yet).
  6. Repeat for each person you want in your new list of awesomeness
  7. Once your list is mostly populated, go into Tweetbot and bring up your main timeline view.
  8. For Tweetbot iOS: tap and hold the word “Timeline” that’s up top. A list of your lists will appear; tap the one you want to set as your new main timeline.
  9. For Tweetbot on Mac: with your main timeline in view, right click on the word “Timeline” that’s at the top of the Tweetbot window, then select the list you want to set in its place.

I realize that: why not just unfollow folks until your main timeline is at a manageable size? Well, you could totally do that. But I found that it was significantly easier for me to go through my list of everyone I’m following and “start over” in a manner of speaking by creating a new list. Also, I have more than one list. I have lists of local KC people, a list of designers and developers whom I respect, and more.

Quote of the week

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.
— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

(Side note the above quote I discovered thanks to The Personal MBA. A book that’s a bargain at 20-times the price.)

Fantastic Friday: AMA, Card Games, and More