Thou Shalt Hustle is about overcoming obstacles and breaking down barriers. Pursue a more meaningful and fulfilling life by focusing not only on doing things right doing but also doing the right things.

The book looks at productivity through a Biblical lens and establishes clear, orderly steps you can follow to discover your “YES!” By helping you find your purpose, this book will equip you to say “no” to the things that aren’t essential and help you take action towards accomplishing your goals — even if you don’t know what they are yet or even where to begin.

Thou Shalt Hustle is available on Amazon Kindle for just $6.99 and includes a link to download a free audiobook version.

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My thanks to Mike Schmitz for sponsoring the site this week to promote his new book, Thou Shalt Hustle.

Thou Shalt Hustle (Sponsor)