Helena Price:

What if we made more active decisions about how we spent our Internet time? If we weren’t bogged down maintaining our inboxes and social networks, who would we set out to meet or get to know better? If we weren’t so busy clicking links or browsing photos in our feeds, what would we choose to study or learn more about? If we spent these hours differently, what would happen?

I was curious to find out for myself.

So, one night while I was sitting in bed, I un-followed everyone on the Internet.

Helena’s considerations about how she spends her time and her desire to be more focused and intentional are just fantastic. Perhaps it just because we’re at the beginning of the year or perhaps because I’m nearing the finished first draft of my book about focus, but I’ve been thinking a lot about this stuff as well. And just a few days ago I even recorded a podcast episode about it.

P.S. Helena will be speaking at the Circles Conference later this year. You should come.

What Happens When You Unfollow Everyone on the Internet