Big news: I’m writing another book.

I’ve been hinting at this on the site since last summer, and site members who’ve been listening to Shawn Today have heard quite a bit about it as well. The book has now reached the point where I’m ready to announce it.

In short, The Power of a Focused Life is about living without regret in the Age of Distraction. I’ll admit, it sounds a bit melodramatic — but I’m serious. I’ve been working on this book for over a year. I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading and doing research (with much more to do still). And I’ve been applying these principles and ideas to my own life for over a decade.

All that said, there’s an awesome book trailer you should definitely check out.

And if you want to follow along with the book’s progress and get an email when it comes out, I’m kicking off a new weekly email newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter via the book page, or there’s a link here on the site’s sidebar.

My Next Book: ‘The Power of a Focused Life’