Exciting Apple news of the day is that WatchKit is out. After reading through the HIG and watching the Getting Started video, I’m simultaneously more excited and less interested about Apple Watch than I was before.

I mean, of course I’m excited about the Watch. The UI is unlike anything else out there right now, and there are going to be some really great apps and some really useful ways to use the device.

And yet it’s quotes like this one from Kevin Systrom that describe exactly what I don’t want in a watch:

> Apple Watch allows us to make the Instagram experience even more intimate and in the moment. With actionable notifications you can see and instantly like a photo or react with an emoji. The Instagram news and watch list allows you to see your friends’ latest photos, follow new accounts and get a real-time view of your likes and comments.

Truth is, a lot of folks are going to love to have real-time notifications on their wrist related to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Just not me. But so what? There are going to be many brilliant use-cases and apps for the Apple Watch that don’t require turning it into the world’s most personal distraction device.

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