Tinderbox is the tool for notes, a powerful way to visualize, analyze, and organize your most important projects. Tinderbox lets you create smart documents that help organize, reorganize, and evolve your thoughts over the course of months and even years. It’s a great tool for writers planning their next book, teachers planning their courses, product developers and designers who need to create their next big thing, and anyone who wants to organize their thinking.

A professional tool, Tinderbox normally costs $249, but this week save $50 and pick up a copy for $199. A household license has been discounted to $239.

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My thanks to Tinderbox for sponsoring the site this week. It’s called a tool for notes, but it is so much more than that. It’s an incredibly deep and feature-rich application meant to help gather and organize tasks, ideas, plans, research, information, and so much more. You can use it to outline, mind-map, organize and analyze data, write, and so much more. Tinderbox truly is professional grade.

I love that James Fallows — who wrote one of my favorite gadget reviews of all time — uses Tinderbox.

Tinderbox 6 was just recently released. It was a product two years in the making, and as it says in the copy above, this week Tinderbox has been discounted 20-percent for shawnblanc.net readers. An individual license is normally $249, but is now just $199. They’re also offering $5 off Mark Bernstein’s book, The Tinderbox Way.

Tinderbox: the tool for notes (Sponsor)