This review has been on our list since the beginning. But we knew major updates of Wunderlist, OmniFocus, and Things were all in the pipe. And, now that they’ve shipped, we’ve spent time with the apps and written up our official pick for what is our favorite productivity and GTD app suite: OmniFocus (of course).

On the outside so many of these apps all seem like the same type of app with the same functionality: projects, tasks, due dates, tags, sync.

But, in working on this review, it struck me just how much different OmniFocus truly is from pretty much every other productivity app out there. OmniFocus goes far beyond the feature set that most other apps have with its use of contexts, defer dates, custom perspectives, forecast view, and review mode.

The most common arguments against OF are price and learning curve.

Regarding price, first off: you get what you pay for. OmniFocus is not overpriced, it’s priced according to its feature set. There are a lot of things OF can do with your tasks and projects that these other apps cannot.

Not to mention, the Omni Group has a decades-long history of making apps for the Mac, and they currently have some of the world’s best Mac and iOS developers working for them in Seattle. If there is a GTD app out there today that has a chance of being here in 2025, OmniFocus is at the top of that list.

And regarding learning curve, it’s true — OmniFocus takes time to discover and figure out. But there are so many resources, tutorials, and guides out there that if you’re willing to take the time and learn the app, you’ll reap the dividends for years to come (literally).

The Sweet Setup’s GTD Apps Review