There are just four sponsorship slots left for the rest of this year. And, honestly, they are really prime times.

  • This upcoming week, starting Monday, Nov 3, is still open. And it’s great timing because on Tuesday we’ll be publishing our Tools & Toys holiday gift guide.

Update: this upcoming week is now booked, but there are still a few more spots for the year.

  • Also, the last two weeks of December are open. These are two huge weeks for web traffic because people looking up which apps and accessories to install on their new iPhone, iPad, or Mac. They’re also shopping around for what to buy with the gift cards they got.

So if you’ve got an awesome product, service, or company you’d like to promote then please do get in touch. If you email me in the next couple of days to book a spot, I’d be more than happy to work with you to make a deal.

Sponsorship Opportunities