Need is a refined retailer and lifestyle publication for the modern gentleman.

Each month, Need sources and curates a limited selection of items — clothing, literature, furniture, and otherwise — for men.

These products are coupled with beautiful independent photography and independent journalism befitting the time of year.

All products are current season, high-quality, and frequently exclusive to Need, thereby providing a dignified experience that all gentlemen will appreciate.

Need sends only one email per month, sells only limited-quantities, and, generally speaking, works to ensure it stands well-apart from the traditional e-commerce crowd.

My thanks to Need for sponsoring the site this week, and for being one of the sponsoring partners for the Tools & Toys relaunch. Need is run by my friend, Matt Alexander, and he has built it into something amazing. If you like clothes that fit and are fashionable and are made well, look no further than Need.

Need (Sponsor)