Gosh. So it’s been two years now since I started doing the paperless thing at my home office. And I haven’t lost the faith.

Two years in and I will heartily vouch for the simple workflow of having a nice scanner, a scheduled time to scan stuff in, and then a set of Hazel rules for automatically naming and filing my incoming document scans is a good system. I’ve been through two tax returns (personal and business) and my wife and I started a non-profit charity all while doing things “paperless” and it’s been just fine.

You can click through the link to see the software and hardware I’m using to scan stuff in and auto-file it on my computer. Things haven’t changed for me at all since I wrote that article in 2012.

Though I will add one thing: the value of a great shredder. I bought this $75 Fellowes shredder over a year and a half ago and it’s excellent. It can handle staples and credit cards and it’s a cross-cutter and it has enough bin capacity that I only empty it out about once a month.

The Paperless Puzzle (Two Years Later)