Lessons 1 and 7 I bet everyone who has ever published something on the internet can relate to. I give a hearty *amen* to lessons 9 and 13. And lesson 14 is something I’m trying to get better at.

Lesson 10 I’m not sure I agree with. For one, sites and services such as Tumblr and Squarespace have made it extremely easy for just about anyone to set up a website and begin publishing stuff to the Web. And since these sites (Tumblr especially) promote an equal nobility to all the various “post types” — quotes, images, videos, re-blogs, and long-form articles — the friction of not knowing what to publish is even more removed.

However, when I look at the tools I use every day here at shawnblanc.net, things have been remained pretty stagnant when compared to when I first began writing here more than 7 years ago. And yet, I don’t know if that’s a quantifiably negative issue — the tools I am most frequently using (MarsEdit; WordPress) are in no way holding me back. By far the biggest area of stagnation which I feel affected by is the lack of blogging tools on iOS.

Anil Dash’s 15 Lessons from 15 Years of Blogging