Here are some shots of places and people during my time at WWDC last week.

You may see that about half of these photos I edited and uploaded using my iPhone while I was in San Francisco. Back in February I traded in my E-PL5 for the new E-M10, and I love it. The E-M10 has built-in Wi-Fi and so I can connect my iPhone or iPad to it, launch the Olympus iOS app, and save any images I want directly to my device. Then, I’ll open those images in VSCO Cam, edit them, save them back to the Camera Roll, and then upload to Flickr using the Flickr app.

It sounds more cumbersome than it is (it’s actually much faster than the SD Card → Lightroom → Flickr workflow I have on my Mac), and it’s a great way to quickly share photos I take with my best camera.

When I bought the E-M10 I mostly did so because it had the viewfinder and the manual control dials. The built-in Wi-Fi seemed like a novelty feature to me, but over the past 5 months I’ve found that I use the Wi-Fi very often.

My WWDC 2014 Flickr album