DropVox is one of those apps that does one thing and does it very well. You launch the app, hit the big red record button to start, hit it again to stop, and then your voice memo is uploaded to a folder in your Dropbox.

I’ve been using DropVox for years as my go-to voice memo app for years. I even have a super nerdy Hazel workflow that can take my DropVox recordings and upload them to my Amazon S3 account and then text message me the URL so I can literally record and publish a podcast from my iPhone (assuming my Mac is on and connected somewhere in the world).

I love how simple it is, and it’s also quite reliable — it’s never lost a recording. And just today, version 2.0 shipped. It’s universal, (finally) updated for iOS 7, lets you pause a recording, and it now records in mp3 instead of m4a. As far as simple, do one thing well, voice memo apps go, DropVox is one of the best.

Just 2 bucks in the App Store.

DropVox 2.0