Matthew Panzarino:

Consistently, when I speak to users about their iOS device woes, it comes down to running out of space for photos and video. And photos differ significantly from other data in that there is an intense emotional and mnemonic attachment to them. These are fragments of life, not just packets of data.

That’s why I think that this year would be a really fine time for Apple to start ignoring the ROI of iCloud storage.

Couldn’t agree more. iCloud’s free tier of storage and photo stream backup restrictions are the same today as when when Steve Jobs himself first introduced them at WWDC 2011.

When iCloud was announced in June 2011, the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 were the most-recent iOS devices. Since that announcement, there have been significant advancements to the Apple hardware scene related to mobile photography, and yet the iCloud services that backup and support our photography are now 3 years old.

The ROI Of iCloud Photo Storage