Some excellent advice here. I’ve been working from home for a little more than 3 years now and I concur with all of Matt’s tips. The one that I would add: define your daily goals.

Even with a schedule, it can be easy to meander through the day and to go to bed at night feeling like you didn’t actually accomplish anything (even when you did). Because so much of the work we do these days is “ongoing”, there isn’t always a strong sense of accomplishment. Not to mention that when you work from home you don’t have coworkers in the office with you to celebrate the small milestones of victory. So I will identify 3 big things each day that I want to accomplish. If I can at least tackle 2 of the 3 then when I call it quits for the day I have a quantifiable metric for feeling succesful.

Matt Gemmell on Working From Home