Earlier this morning we published a whole new section to The Sweet Setup that is everything related to backing up your Mac. It’s a 5-part series of articles that cover what a backup system should look like (i.e. local and off-site), our top pick for local backups (Time Machine), our top pick for off-site backup service (Backblaze), the best hard drives, and more.

There are still a lot of people who don’t back up their stuff. My internet pal, Rick Stawarz, runs a Mac consulting company, and he says that “it’s rare for us to walk into a new client’s home and find a computer that’s actually backed up properly.” So, while I realize all of you guys reading this already know the why and the how for backups, and you’ve got your system in place, tell your friends they should buy an external drive and turn on Time Machine.

The Sweet Setup’s Complete Guide to Backups