Justin Williams, a skilled and long-time iOS developer, and now the man behind Glassboard, went to Build last week:

Build allowed me three days to immerse myself in technologies that I know almost nothing about. I came away impressed with it too. For all its past faults, the New Microsoft is doing things that are on the cutting edge of technology.

Justin’s overview of Build is pretty encouraging. For me, being someone who is almost exclusively immersed in iOS and OS X stuff, I love to hear about what’s awesome on other platforms and technologies.

Moreover, it’s encouraging because cloud sync has become so vital for our multi-device lifestyles. And from what little I’ve heard from guys like Justin and Brent Simmons, Windows Azure is a pretty good cloud syncing platform to build on for those who need something more robust than iCloud but who can’t or don’t want to roll their own server.

An iOS Developer Walks Into a Microsoft Conference