This is a fantastic review on so many levels. For one, Jared hits the nail on the head when discussing one of Glassboard’s unique features: that messages can have comments. The hierarchy design has also confused me, but, as Jared points out, it would be a shame to do away with that hierarchy all together. Some friends and I use GroupMe for our group discussions. And while it’s nice, it also has some significant draw backs, in that it’s nearly impossible to respond to a comment made by someone once the groups’s conversation has moved on.

Also, Jared shares some excellent input on design and branding, with some advice that’s relevant to anyone, not just Justin Williams. Both Riposte and Unread sit as some of my all-time favorite apps for the iPhone. Jared has some strong opinions and sometimes wild ideas, but his work speaks for itself. I think developers and designers would do well to listen to Jared’s thoughts.

Jared Sinclair Reviews Glassboard