Federico Viticci:

With iOS 7, Apple profoundly altered the foundations of their mobile operating system’s design and functionality, and I want to believe that iOS 8, likely due later this year, will allow them to keep building towards new heights of user enjoyment, design refinement, and exploration of features suitable for the post-PC era. The transition to iOS 7 hasn’t been perfectly smooth, but, less than two months away from WWDC, there’s clear, promising potential on the horizon: plenty of new iOS low-hanging fruit.

A great list of feature ideas and suggestions. I too would love to see a more comprehensive and useful Today view in Notification Center and a way to customize the apps accessible via Control Center.

And surely improvements to Photo Stream and iCloud storage are on Apple’s radar on the “We Really Need to Get These Working Better ASAP” list. Every single iPhone and iPad owner is taking photos and using iCloud — these have got to be two of the most-used built-in features of iOS and they are showing serious signs of aging. With how aggressive Apple is when it comes to enhancing the iPhone’s physical camera and the software that drive is, it’s mind boggling how much they’ve neglected the storage, syncing, and sharing of those photos.

iOS 8 Wishes