Our latest app review on The Sweet Setup is for the best password manager (and why you need one in the first place). Robert McGinley Myers, Stephen Hackett, and myself looked at 5 of the most popular Mac / iOS password managers to see if 1Password really is the best. In short, it is. We also hit on how 1Password and iCloud Keychain can work in tandem, and why the latter is not a full-on replacement for the former.

And, as it turns out, there is a huge update to 1Password for iOS today. I’m with Federico Viticci, that the best part of the iOS update (aside from the massive design refresh, of course) is the persistent search field.

If you’re already using 1Password, then the iOS and Mac updates are free. If you’re not, well, check out our review and then snatch up the apps while they’re half off this week:

The Best Password Manager (And Why You Need One)