An OpenSignal report (via Ryan Jones) with some really interesting data:

The OpenSignal app allows users to contribute to our impartial coverage maps of mobile networks, we took data from those of our 6 million users who have LTE and focussed on their experience of two key metrics: download speed, and the proportion of time spent with LTE access. All data included in this report comes from the second half of 2013.

Australia has the fastest average LTE speeds and the United States has almost the slowest average speeds.

For me, LTE here in Kansas City is actually pretty great. We are one of the few cities in the USA with LTE coverage from all four players — AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile — and we have pretty great coverage and speeds. My iPhone is on AT&T and I average 22Mbps down and 8Mbps up at my home. My iPad is on Verizon and it averages about half those speeds here at my house but does much better when I’m further north in the city.

The State of Global LTE