Good news: OmniFocus 2 for Mac ships this June. And today, the private beta (if you can call a beta group of 30,000 testers “private”) has re-begun.

I’ve been using this latest beta for the past couple of days, and I’m pleasantly surprised about where things are headed.

For one, the best aspects of the iPad App been brought over the Mac app: an easier-to-use Review mode, and (finally!) Forecast mode. Additionally, the design of this version of OmniFocus for Mac is clearly inspired by the iPhone. Though I’m not a massive fan of OF2’s iPhone design, it works very well here in the Mac version.

When compared with the OF Mac beta from last year, there are quite a few noticeable changes in this latest version and I think every one of them is a significant improvement. Last year I gave the beta a good college try but just kept drifting back to my original version of OmniFocus that I’ve been using for the past 4 years. In short, I never felt all that comfortable with the previous OmniFocus beta.

However, this new beta is quite nice. I can’t put my finger on what the one thing is that makes it so much better than the previous beta. But I’d describe it as “peaceful”. It’s open, clean, organized, and logical. I like it.

OmniFocus 2 for Mac Beta