Finally, a calendar app for iOS that is a real tool, not a toy.

Appoint 2.3 is primarily aimed at people with busy schedules and little time. The app’s clever auto-completion engine prefills information based on past events. That means less typing in favor of a few, quick swipes. Awesome.

  • Enter time naturally (“9-12am”, “1:30pm”), even in international locales

  • Discover scheduling conflicts and resolve them in a tap

  • Drag & drop to reschedule or duplicate events

  • Powerful search and filter functions in any field, and any view

  • Works with iCloud, Google, Exchange, or any service supported by iOS

Appoint sports professionally designed color palettes that fit in beautifully with iOS 7 — or you can create custom themes yourself. Version 2.3 just released.

* * *

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