This is a pretty massive update to what I consider one of the most impressive apps on the iPad. I have used Diet Coda many, many times to make edits and updates to my sites from my iPad.

Of the highlightable updates in Diet Coda, I think the biggest is that you can now locally store files related to a site and sync / backup those site files using Dropbox. But, this is not the same thing as using Diet Coda as a Dropbox syncing writing app — you can’t browse your Dropbox folders an open any ole Markdown file in Diet Coda like you would with Byword or Editorial.

There are also some new themes, font options, and additional syntax highlighting as well. However, I was a bit surprised to see that this update didn’t involve the iOS 7-ification of Diet Coda. The app still uses iOS 6-style keyboard and UI elements, but that sure won’t stop me from continuing to use this fantastic app.

Diet Coda 1.5