Droplr is one of my most-used Mac utility apps. Long-time readers of this site will know that I’m a huge fan of the app and its service — I’ve been using Droplr since it was just a wee little beta.

Today the Droplr guys announced a few big updates: for one, the service is now paid-only. There is a basic plan which runs $5/month and gets you unlimited uploads and file sharing; then there is the Pro plan which is $10/month and gets you extra features like custom branding (use your own short URL instead of the d.pr URL), password-protected drops, the Droplr Inbox, etc.

All current Droplr users can get the basic plan for $3.50/month forever. And they’ve also set up a referral program so that if your friends sign up using your referral link then you both get a 10-percent discount for life.

The second big update is to the Mac app: you can now download the app direct from the Droplr website and the hot-key shortcut for “upload this file I’ve already selected” is back. There are also some very nice visual and functional improvements to the Mac app as well.

Droplr is a great service and utility and as something I use regularly, I’m delighted to see that it has grown into a healthy and sustainable business.

The New Droplr