Creative VIP is the exclusive membership club for creative professionals, writers, and designers. Here’s what membership includes:

  • Discounts on world-class services from Media Temple, Squarespace, Fontdeck, Virb,, and dozens of other companies.
  • Discounts on apps you’ll love, like TextExpander, LaunchBar, and Backblaze.
  • Access to a growing library of graphics, vectors, icons and themes.
  • A regular goodie bag on your doorstep (with classy gear from Moleskine, Field Notes, SanDisk, and more).

Here’s what Shawn had to say:Creative VIP is a no-nonsense service run by classy folks. The generous discounts on the world-class apps and web services are worth the price of entry alone.

We couldn’t have put it better. As one of Shawn’s readers, you can save 25% on your membership, forever. We’d love to welcome you as a member, so come and take a look around!

* * *

My thanks to Creative VIP for sponsoring the RSS feed this week. They really do have an impressive roster of discounts and other perks with some great software and services. Also, the goodie bag is awesome. I got one a few months ago and who doesn’t like opening a parcel full of fine paper good, etc.?

Sponsor: Creative VIP