I asked Nick Heer (yes, that Nick Heer) to write our latest review for The Sweet Setup and he nailed it.

Though I haven’t tried hundreds of iPhone photo editing apps, I have tried dozens and VSCO is my favorite, too. What I like about VSCO Cam is that the filters are not cheesy. They don’t make my photo look “cool” they make it look better. And, almost all of the folks I follow on Instagram who post the most jealousy-inducing shots are using VSCO to edit on their iPhone.

Side note, I think Nick’s finished review came out great — it’s a quintessential example of the sort of work I want from our reviews on The Sweet Setup. The article is clear and well written, it gives examples of how to use the app, it gives social-proof of how and why others use the app, and it gives a bit of perspective to the whole landscape of apps in this category. Even if you’re already a VSCO Cam user, I bet you’ll appreciate and even learn something from Nick’s review.

The Best Photo Editing App for the iPhone Is VSCO Cam